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Body Roller


"Our sports depend on innovators like T-PiN! The body roller is a great product!"

–Joe Jacobi, Olympic Gold Medalist

"Our athletes have greatly appreciated the T-PiN!s. A truly invaluable instrument for our guys. The functionality of them is brilliant—spot on!"

"I was a track athlete for 10 years, before working with USABS, most of it on the road traveling through Europe and Asia. I have used a heck of a lot of gadgets over my time and with the athletes I have looked after. The design of the T-PiN! makes it such a versatile tool that I know all our athletes responded well to it. I only wish I had one when I was racing!!! I have also found some pretty interesting ways to use it, including sub-occipital traction techniques for our bobsled drivers post competition to help with vestibular and visual co-ordination."

-Brendan Cole
Performance Therapist/Start Coach
U.S.A. Bobsled/Skeleton

"The T-PiN! roller is the best thing I have ever used for rolling/stretching. Well worth every penny! Amazing product!"

–Chewy, Comprehensive Racing (Triathlon) Team

“Your product really helped our athletes to be at their best this season! The coaching staff can't thank you enough as it helps set us apart from other teams. We are really looking forward to working with you as we head towards 2018.”

-Tuffield Latour
U.S. Skeleton National Team Head Coach
U.S.A. Bobsled and Skeleton Director of Sport

"Everyone in our squad has had an opportunity to use the T-PiN! body roller and compare it with other devices as the Squad house living room is full of recovery tools. The rollers are a HUGE hit. Every time I come in I see someone using the T-PiN! You can definitely get your IT band and lateral quads, hamstrings, adductors, glutes etc., way better than with a normal roller, and without the slipping of a ball. Also, it's much better for rolling out your back. All in all, very positive. "

–Heather Wurtele, 6X Ironman Champion

"Our coaches and athletes like the T-PiN! roller a lot! Great feel! Great design!"

–Scott Caulfield,
Director of National Strength & Conditioning Association

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