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Body Roller KV

The Best in Recovery for Your Body

T-PiN!® Muscle Therapy provides customers in Boston, Massachusetts, with the only roller designed for total body mobility and recovery. We've recently been named official supplier to the U.S. Canoe/Kayak and USA Bobsled/Skeleton. Our roller does everything and goes everywhere and was designed by an ACE-certified trainer and elite level athlete.

Training Manual

Combining Beauty with Function

Our innovative "double bubble" targets trigger points more effectively than foam. Because our roller is designed to roll on you and not the floor, there is less gym-germ transfer. Our optimized core density (between a lacrosse ball and a tennis ball) has unmatched versatility and durability, and is super portable at only 2.25 pounds. Wrapped with rugged, yet soft, polypropylene rope with protective neoprene, our roller is resistant to moisture and mildew.

Our uniquely effective roller targets muscles from your neck and upper trapezius to your lower lumbar region like a dream. Our T-PiN! roller can also be used as a less aggersive entry level roller since your weight can be distributed on two points. As you progress, you can easily shift onto one of the "bubbles" for more targeted massage.

Double Bubble Exercise

Safely Massage Trigger Points

Endorsed by chiropractors, physical therapists, massage therapists, and professional athletes, the T-PiN! roller will find and massage trigger points safely and effectively in half the time it takes foam rollers, which can soften and bow to the point of becoming ineffective in a short period of time. Sit on it! Lay on it! Roll on it! Your knots can't hide from the T-PiN! roller. Proper use of our roller can treat:

Plantar FasciitisLower Back PainMid to Upper Back PainShoulder PainHip PainIT Band Syndrome
Shin SplintsCramping CalvesSore QuadricepsHamstring TightnessPiriformis Syndrome

Advantages of the Double Bubble Roller

Joint Exercise Improve:
• Post-Workout Recovery
• Joint Range of Motion
• Vascular Endothelial Function
• Balance
• Mobility
• Agility

• Athletic Performance
• Plyometric Explosiveness
• Strength
• Time to Fatigue
• Flexibility

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